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Paint With A Superior Environmentally Friendly Choice

Locally Crafted is proud to partner and welcomes one of our newest members, Painted Earth. Painted Earth is paving the way towards a greener and environmentally responsible future through their business in the paint and finishing industry. The business is located in northern New South Wales, Byron Bay.

Deb is the proud founder of Painted Earth and has been trading since 2002. Deb’s long time passion for sourcing and using natural products inspired the beginnings of Painted Earth. The thought behind the business is to offer the market an environmentally beneficial alternative, in an area that is renowned for chemical usage.

Painted Earth offers consumers a variety of sustainable eco-friendly finishing products for walls, floors and furniture for interior and exterior use. Products offered are fit for use in a domestic or commercial fit-out environment. Products include paint with low or no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), natural paints (i.e. clay based) and natural oils suited for timber finishing. Painted Earth products can be found at

Deb’s Painted Earth supports suppliers that are on the same wavelength. It is refreshing to see organisation’s form a supply chain with eco sustainable values at its core. Likeminded consumers, seeking an alternative to chemical based finishing products, can have peace of mind using Painted Earth’s range. The products are not only a superior choice for the environment over chemical based finishes, they are also better for your health. Traditional paints and similar can not only be harmful during use, they leech chemicals after being applied, through and after curing. Some commercial consumers such as schools and government buildings are aware of this and use more environmentally finishes. More attention is needed, where regulations and education is required to shift towards using products supplied by businesses like Painted Earth.

Painted Earth is well ahead of the finishing industry, where industry regulation calls for improvement and a higher focus on consumer awareness. Through this, then we can see a better future for the environment and health.

Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice

3 Feb 2021


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