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The existence of Locally Crafted is sourced from personal experiences where consumption, pricing and the need to have more overshadowed the sustainability of local manufacturing. This interruption and imbalance was encountered in the furniture industry and shortly after seen to have been established in every single industry. With so many companies to do good and being in production with smaller batches, the need to support was born. Absorbed by our core business values, we strive daily to support those who are making a change to this planet and the consumption patterns of its people and amend the broken economy we face today by educating all stakeholders involved.

Our Values

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A sustainable future is a future where goals and intentions are visible, along with production processes and an established welfare for client, industry and planet.

Heart & Hands

Sustainable economy is built upon strong moral and ethical principles and values, by displaying a consistent and uncompromising honesty towards all stakeholders including a responsibility and caring for our planet.

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Locally Crafted leads the way of an ongoing learning and self-improving future economy where sustainability drives our intentions of buying.

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A new economic approach is the innovative push and power behind the reach for a sustainable living, the willpower of us all to do better and a continuous look-in-the-mirror to improve trade.

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Locally Crafted will support the empowerment of any entity that reaches out to a sustainable economy. Locally Crafted will take the lead in guiding all involved stakeholders to change the mindset and embrace a richer future by supporting local and sustainable manufacturing.

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Society Improving

Together we can change the way we live, work and entertain. If done in a sustainable way, then even those who have no buying power today will be able to participate equally. Locally Crafted has big aspirations regarding supporting the society as we know it and turn it into a liveable place for everyone.

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