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Locally Crafted was born out of a desire to support local and sustainable furniture manufacturing. But what was applicable for one specific industry seemed quickly to be true for other application areas. 

Adding the understanding that the product life-cycle; from raw material to consumer is commonly seen as linear, consequently the destination of a used product is usually landfill.  

In current economic framework, we are moving away from linear and are focusing on a circular economy, where used products are no longer ending in landfill but are recycled, up-cycled or fully or partly brought back into production processes. 

Locally Crafted supports and promotes locally made products, highlights those businesses that are manufacturing products sustainably while using local resources. The platform also facilitates a portal where businesses can exchange and reuse waste.  

The drive and will to achieve positive change have allowed the platform to grow into the successful business it is today. It’s not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, it strives to inform and inspire the global community to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Founder and owner Sagrys has an extended experience in local and international B2B and B2C marketing and business management. From his career, he has learned that marketing services are not always in line with what businesses need. Flexibility is limited and not accommodating a circular business approach. Displeased, he wanted to assist businesses directly with their brand visibility. Locally Crafted was born. 

Sagrys loves the efforts, businesses are making to create new sustainable alternatives to the products we know today. The resourcefulness has no limits and the boldness tickles Sagrys' curiosity and desire to promote and support them fully. Small and medium sized businesses can rely on Locally Crafted’s assistance. 

Let’s Work Together

Interested in being supported or having your products or services shown and/or sold on our platform, drop us a line or use the form.

We operate from Melbourne, Victoria, but connect Australia wide

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