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Good-Edi - The Cups You Can Eat!

Locally Crafted is always looking out for ingenuity in business and products. Whether it is existing or something new it does not matter, what matters is whether ingenuity has a positive impact for sustainability moving forward. Well, Locally Crafted has good news. We have found such a business, that resounds with sustainable positive ingenuity. The business is called Good-Edi.

From a food processing background, owners Catherine and Aniyo saw the wastage of coffee cups going to landfill, approximately 3 million cups per day, equating to around 1 billion every year. Not great figures in a world trying to move in a more sustainable direction. Catherine and Aniyo viewed the problem required a sustainable waste free solution. Hence the edible Good-Edi coffee cup was born. Made from high quality natural ingredients (oats, grains, flour, bran, wheat bran, vegetable oil, salt & sugar) the cup can house your coffee then provide you with a bit of breakfast afterwards. Not hungry, then the cups can be disposed of and naturally breakdown in 2-6 weeks. Being compostable eliminates the step of recycling, usually labor intensive and requiring a purpose-built facility to breakdown goods. Good-Edi has thought through every step of its product and put waste free at the forefront of thinking.

Good-Edi prides itself on the quality and sustainability of its products. Taking sustainability a step further, the natural ingredients used in the manufacturing process are locally sourced. Great for the economy and lowering the products carbon footprint. It shows confidence and self-belief from Catherine and Aniyo to stand by what they believe in and the product they have created. A confidence and belief that has taken a hit in the overall local manufacturing sector. With businesses such as Good-Edi it shows local manufacturing can be done and be done well at a sustainable level. It also reveals there is a market for products where consumers are not focused just on price. There is a fast-growing number of consumers that purchase consciously, where price is a lesser factor. This growing trend will hopefully continue and allow local manufacturers the ability to source more locally.

Locally Crafted encourages everyone to get involved, from seller to buyer who use disposable cups, please take note the next time you are drinking a coffee or hot takeaway drink and then have a think about where that cup is going and its impact.

Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice


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