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From Grounded Coffee to Coffee Soap!

Nature Inc is one of Locally Crafted partners. A unique business that sets itself apart from most competitors, due to their high level of sustainable thoughts and practices and local supply chain focus. Nature Inc has been running since 2019 and is based out of Ballarat in regional Victoria.

Nature Inc manufactures and sells a range of high quality soaps, 100% sourced from local suppliers in Victoria. A traditional method of manufacturing is used known as cold pressed. This method involves extracting oils from natural ingredients by using a press. It is a more socially and environmentally responsible form of extraction without using chemicals. It leads to a higher grade of oil to be used in production. Nature Inc can therefore offer to market a high quality product that consumers will appreciate.

Nature Inc prides itself on social responsibility, sustainability and local supply and has incorporated it into the business. For example, its coffee soap is produced from local recycled coffee grounds, using it to manufacture and compost whereby transforming waste into a reusable product. Nature Inc also offers a vegan soap variety, consumers can have peace of mind purchasing a responsible and harm free product. The honey and oat milk soap sources the honey from a local biodynamic beekeeping business.

These few examples reveal a company model that reflects the trend in modern business. This trend is heading in the right direction, where legislation is required to make the trend normality. A normality resulting in a safer, healthier and sustainable environment for the people and the planet we live on.

Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice

22 May 2021


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