Meet The Makers

Our members are passionate by sustainability and circular economy. We have hand-picked each member, based on a series of criteria, showcasing a true passion for sustainability and circular economy. Every day, these businesses create better products, preserve natural resources, challenge their production to become more sustainable, all for us. The least we can do, is put them in the spotlight. 

Get to know our members and become consciously involved with their practises. 

Nature Inc.
Charcoal, Teatree and Peppermint cold pressed handmade soap by Nature Inc.

Ballarat based Nature’s Inc. is an artisan soap maker, started from humble beginnings a few years back and grew into a wholesaler with several stockists.

What makes the business unique

The soaps are made only with locally sourced products and handcrafted through a traditional cold-press Japanese process.

honey from 'Backyardhoney Melbourne'. Peter & Jane are advocates of biodynamic beekeeping which ensures premium quality honey and optimum bee health. Their Red Gum honey and 100% raw Multiflora honey are used in the Honey Oat Milk Soap range.


Their entire production embraces a very sustainable approach, ie. they source locally, recycled coffee grounds to make their Grounded Coffee Soap. In exchange any excess of composted coffee grounds goes to local farmers.

For their Australian Olive Soap, they even go a step further. Locally sourced and grown olives make this one of their most eco-friendly zero-emission unscented soaps. They are currently working out ways to assist reducing waste by collecting cooking oils from local cafes and restaurants.

Nature Inc. brings also a strong anti-plastic ideology by only using recycled paper for their packaging.

Nature's Intentions
Bath Salts by Nature's Intentions

Nature's Intentions brings you nature inspired skin, bath and body products, hand blended using the finest quality ingredients that are non toxic on the skin and kind to the planet.


What makes the business unique

Their products are preservative and additive free and suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive skin. Lots of love and careful attention is put into each item presenting them in eco-conscious packaging.


The owner’s respect for nature, led her to discover the '8 principles of health' and her journey to motherhood and raising chemical-free kids inspired her to create Nature’s Intentions.

Nature’s Intentions shares a passion for health and wellness. It thrives on empowering others to nurture with nature and take a more proactive approach by embracing the health principles.

The products are inspired by nature and made with purpose by loving hands in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Only the finest natural and organic plant derived ingredients are used, free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances to leave you feeling amazing.  


Nature’s Intentions believes in taking care of our planet and strengthening local communities and chooses to source her ingredients and packaging from local makers and suppliers where possible.  

The 3 Bees
Raw Honey by The 3 Bees

The 3 Bees started 12 years ago with on trip to Collingwood Children's Farm and a desire to become more sustainable and reduce the impact on the environment. The 3 Bees stands for high quality honey and has created over 16 different raw honey variations. Bee hives are moved constantly to create a close to 100% raw honey from one specific source.


The 3 Bees follows a specific philosophy within their working ethics

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it

  • If you can’t eat it you shouldn’t be putting in on your body

  • Add value to Australian Raw Materials

  • Never compromise on quality

  • Raw materials in any product we make must be the best available

Additional Information

Raw honey covers a wide variety of health benefits:

1/ A good source of antioxidants

2/ Full of nutritions

3/ Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

4/ Heals wounds

5/ Is a phytonutrient powerhouse

6/ Helps with digestive issues

7/ Soothe a sore throat and cough

8/ Benefits the brain.

Natural Distilling Co.
Hemp based Gin by Natural Distilling Co

Natural Distilling Co. creates unique award-winning hemp based alcoholic drinks.

They currently make Australian craft gin and vodka, distilled with hemp.

What makes the business unique

An unusual outlier was waiting in left-field: cannabis/hemp. Now, don’t get them wrong – marijuana and “getting high” aren’t what the Natural Distilling Co is about, but hemp is one of the most interesting and beneficial crops in the world. With the federal government legalising it in November 2017, the path was clear to put some fresh innovation on the agenda.

Natural Distilling Co. realised that this innovative crop of the future had huge potential as the perfect opportunity for the family, the farm, the community and the distillery.



Natural Distilling Co focuses on Tradition, Innovation and Community. None of us will go much further unless we focus on sustainability, both in our local environment and on the global scale, which is why they're committed to distilling the best spirits using the most natural methods.

Hemp is natural resource that requires much less water than other crops.

Additional Information

Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly raw materials. It is a natural, highly renewable and regenerative crop that repairs the environment throughout its growth cycle. Hemp requires significantly less land and water to grow compared to other natural fibre plants. Growing without the need for pesticides and herbicides whilst yielding large amounts of fibre, hemp is the perfect zero-waste product. Hemp also matures in as little as 100 days, with up to three crop rotations a year on the same land, making it exceptionally renewable.

Sticky Earth Ceramics
Wabi Sabi Aesthetic Ceramics by Sticky Ceramics

Sticky Earth Ceramics is your pottery from West Melbourne bringing a unique range of daily crockery in Wabi-wabi Aesthetics; the Japanese Zen philosophy where objects are seen as part of nature rather than part of the cupboard.

What makes the business unique

Glazes are applied with a light touch to allow the natural textures of clay to come through. By bringing out the warmth and rawness of natural stoneware clay, Sticky Earth Ceramics gives each and every piece its own authentic character. 


Made with traditional wheel-thrown techniques and fired twice at high temperatures for durability, all pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

[piece about clay material]


Additional Resources

Read the interview with Rafal Kaczmarek.

Painted Earth
Walls rendered with Low VOC Paints sold by Painted Earth

Painted Earth is a human and planet conscious paint shop based in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. Since 2002, they sell Australia's largest range of sustainable non-toxic and eco-friendly paints, wood finishes, and natural renders for homes and commercial buildings.

What makes the business unique

Their products are sourced from ten different manufacturers, bringing you a complete range of eco-friendly finishing products for walls, floors and furniture - both interior and exterior. All products have been tried and tested and are suitable for domestic and commercial fit-outs. 



The low-VOC paints, clay based paints and natural wood oils and finishes are manufactured to the latest standards.  Once you experience them you won't look back.

Painted Earth is Australia's largest range of modern eco-friendly and non-toxic paints, renders and wood finishes.Your choices help change our world.

They stock ROCKCOTE Ecostyle low VOC acrylic paints, VOLVOX natural paints, as well as MUROBOND (an Australian paint manufacturer), LIVOS and RUBIO MONOCOAT natural wood oils.

They support many smaller companies, such as ROCKCOTE, MUROBOND and LIVOS because these companies are committed to ethical principals and making environmentally responsible products.

Slow Fashion bags made by Kossalii

Kossalii is an Australian 100% handmade craft company which focuses on original, eco-friendly, plastic free apparel accessories using high quality materials. With traditional techniques they produce unique and durable leather and textile accessories.

Kossalii was born out of the desire to create quality, 100% handcrafted and original designs.

What makes this business unique

Kossalii selects sustainable fabrics (Oeko-Tex and organic certified), threads and dyes. 

The business chooses to mainly use linen fabric for its durability and its methods of production known to be low water consuming and not requiring fertilisers or pesticides. Linen comes from flax plants and has the natural ability to prevent bacterial growth and is therefore hypoallergenic.

The inks are children safe, non-toxic, acid free and water based.


With traditional block printing techniques and savoir-faire, every product is carefully and finely hand stamped and stitched with organic cotton and linen thread, giving optimal sturdiness.


All full grain leather is tanned with natural extracts from plants, trunk and bark. Full grain leather refers to the skin that has not been artificially corrected by removing imperfections. By retaining its natural form, the full grain leather is the strongest and most durable. It is sourced ethically from the finest tanneries. This most traditional and naturally processed leather has a beautiful patina and reveals its rich colour as it ages.


Both owners are proud to present entirely plastic-free items made with the utmost, eco-responsible and wear-resistant materials.

Upcycling Self-Watering Planter Box made by Eco-Wick

Eco-wick designs and builds sturdy long-lasting self-watering planters and wicking beds.

What makes the business unique

The majority of their current designs use up to 90% up-cycled materials.

Up-cycling is therefore a big part of what they manufacture locally and it is design imperative at Eco-wick. Up-cycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, and unwanted materials into a new form! Eco-wick takes discarded, but nevertheless durable, materials out of the waste stream of other industries and gives them a second life.

They keep working on increasing the degree of efficiency of their products so their relative impact is minimised.


Their up-cycled handmade sustainable garden products are based on permaculture principles and aiming at establishing a circular cooperative economy. With climate emergency, resource depletion, increasing inequality, and devastating pandemics there is an urgent need to transform how we interact with the planet. It is unavoidable, we’re at historical crossroads and we have to rethink the way we design, produce, and consume.

Their self-watering planters and wicking beds will be, at some point, discarded. That's why they only use up-cycled materials that can be later recycled or naturally decomposed.

Deja New Palletable Creations
Deja New Recycled Timber Outdoor Setting.png

Deja New Palletable Creations makes custom made wooden household furniture and accessories from recycled timber pallets.

What makes the business unique

Deja New Palletable Creations breathes a circular manufacturing and can be considered as one of the leaders in showing how it can be done.

The business collaborates with ie. pet stores where the wood pulp is being used in the animals’ cages or re-uses the nails from the pallets for the newly created furniture pieces.


Recycling and reusing the timber from pallets is a great way to do a small part in helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste ending up as landfill and preventing subsequent greenhouse gas emissions.


Giving the timber new life and making it into something unique, stylish and characterful with our made to order creations will help reduce carbon emissions and with long term use, considering the energy and subsequent CO2 released into the atmosphere that has gone into creating the pallets in the first place, perhaps over time will even become carbon neutral.


But what about the energy we use to make our creations? Well, we use sustainable energy, Greenpower, for the production of our creations and only use eco-friendly water based products, products that don’t release toxic amounts of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere.

Dry-Oil Co.
Collagen Juice bottle by Dry Oil Co.

Dry Oil Co. brings a range of skin oils that not only feed, protect and nourish the body, but also invoke an immediate feeling of vibrancy.

Dry oils are non-greasy and have lustrous effects, however most products on the shelf contain Silicone or other questionable ingredients. 

What makes the business unique

Dry Oil Co. sources only high quality, organically farmed ingredients and handles them in their rawest state, then bottles the dry oil in visually evoking glassware as beautiful and unique as the product itself.


Officially founded in 2017, each small batch remains lovingly blended by hand in Melbourne.

With a beautiful dry oil that cushions skin with feather-like hydration, without clogging pores, plumps and delivers a cocktail of bio-available Vitamins, Dry Oil Co. has also manufactured new products on the market such as her Collagen Juice - Vitamin C Facial Oil and her hemp based fleecy face cloth.

With natural sustainably sourced ingredients, Dry Oil Co. is a business we love to present its products as a must-check-out alternative to any questionable shelf-planted mass-produced one containing Silicone or other questionable ingredients.

Edible Take-Away Coffee Cups by Good-Edi

Good-Edi is an Australian business based in Melbourne aiming to combat one of the world’s major war-on-waste challenges; disposable cups. 

With an estimated 2.7 million coffee cups thrown out each day in Australia, around 90% end up in landfill.

What makes the business unique

Good-Edi has developed sustainable recipe for a novel edible cup incorporating oats and grains, which does not alter the flavour of the drink, can be eaten as a biscuit, and if thrown out will break down in less than two weeks. 


The harmful cups that are used every day are lined with plastic and therefore non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. Good-Edi aims to tackle Australia’s disposal of 1 billion cups each year and the 500 billion cups every year globally by replacing disposable cups with edible takeaway cups.

The completely waste-free cup is composed of zero plastic and through extensive research and testing maintains integrity through the prolonged use of both hot and cold temperature contents.

Additionally, the nutritious and tasty alternative to everyday takeaway cups is also 100% vegan, is composed of local ingredients and Australian-made, convenient, and easy to adapt for promotional business purposes for cafes and distributors looking to reduce their carbon footprint.