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Sticky Earth Ceramics - Ceramics in Earthy Wabi Sabi Aesthetic

Sticky Earth Ceramics recently joined Locally Crafted’s web platform. We at Locally Crafted are pleased to have joined with our first ceramic maker. Rafal Kaczmarek is a unique and talented potter coming out of Melbourne’s West. Sticky Earth Ceramics focuses on producing small batches and high quality tableware, such as cups, bowls, plates and vases. Locally Crafted can attest that having a cup of coffee from one of the beautiful crafted cups elevates and enhances the whole experience. You will find Sticky Earth mainly frequenting the well known Rose St Market in the trendy inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, view the following link for more details If visiting the stall and meeting the maker is not possible then the products can be viewed and purchased online via the following link Rafal also produces wares for various stockists, including Lonni (Yarraville), Merriville Home (Fitzroy Nth) and Studio 309 (South Melbourne).

Rafal Kaczmarek originates from Krakow, Poland. He started in pottery by helping out in a friend's ceramic workshop for approximately 4 years. From there, Rafal began his own workshop in Melbourne. Rafal has a certain style to the finished product, influenced by the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi is an ancient Japanese concept, based on finding beauty in the imperfections and incompleteness of nature through time. This is reflected by the earthy style of Rafal’s collections. This rawness gives the pieces a sense of nature and quality. It takes a true craftsman and stylist to produce pieces of pottery in a minimalistic way where the end product encompasses a form that instils a certain emotion when looking and touching it. From reading about Wabi Sabi, further insight, understanding and depth of meaning was gained of Rafal’s work. Here is a true and unique artist at work.

It is great to see momentum in the interest of products that are not mainstream. Products that are not made in large factories and churned out by the thousands. Products that mean something to the maker and the consumer. Products that fit with one’s sense of style and surroundings. Products that are formed for function, style and quality. Also, products that are sustainably produced with minimal environmental impact. Sticky Earth Ceramics have these characteristics in spades and take part in the growing market trend that is changing the way consumers purchase and products are produced. Locally Crafted highly recommends to check out Sticky Earth Ceramics where an experience awaits, far from mainstream normality. Locally Crafted will be with Sticky Earth Ceramics along the journey, for added support through an exciting time in a changing market.

Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice

29 March 2022


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