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Service Providers

Sustainability is commonly seen as manufacturing products in a more conscious and resource friendly way. At Locally Crafted, we believe sustainability sits in every business aspect, including the way we provide services. 


The businesses below are hand-selected and supported by Locally Crafted, providing a more sustainable service into this world.  

Get to know our members and become consciously involved with their practises. 

Your starting point for sustainable services

Sustainable Salons
Sustainable Salons

Sustainable Salons is a unique social enterprise that specialises in collecting up to 95% of the salon bin and redirecting all material for reuse, recycling and repurposing solutions. The program also offers rewards for the salon’s recycling efforts with useful items and savings for the Sustainable, while 100% of the recycling proceeds are donated to charitable organisations OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to help feed those in need.


How does Sustainable Salons accomplish this circular business framework?

Firstly, the Sustainable Salons program provides its salon members with the tools and support they need to ensure their business practices are less harmful to the planet, their clients and their staff.

The program collects paper, plastic, metals, hair, chemicals, razors, e-waste and much more, and sends all items for recycling or repurposing, instead of to landfill. They’re even making closed-loop products from plastic salon waste materials, including glasses frames, coasters and pet leashes! Plus, as a social enterprise, we use the proceeds from recycling to help feed those in need and support our local communities via volunteering and partnerships with charitable organisations.

This means, every salon member then makes it possible for each client to eliminate 95% of the negative impact of their salon service and actively contribute to the community for less than the price of a coffee on their final bill.

Sustainable Salons has more than 1,200 members in hairdressing, barbering, pet-grooming, beauty and dermal therapies around Australia and New Zealand, with more than 62,000 consumers currently visiting one of these every week! The best part is - our Salon Locator is the #1 salon directory service in the Southern Hemisphere where 5,000+ consumers come each month to find and book a Sustainable Salon for their next service.


Check out your nearest Sustainable Salons member on the contact details tab and help reusing, recycling and repurposing salons' bin materials.

DesignLife Consulting
Sustainable Architecture brought by DesignLife Consulting

DesignLife Consulting is an Australian architecture agency that brings a holistic design approach to stakeholder facilitation and collaboration to define the design brief, provide a strategic solution for project development readiness and investment decisions.

DesignLife Consulting provides site specific sustainable social designs and strives for carbon neutral solutions. 

❖  Practice is registered with the Victorian Architects Registration Board (Australia).

❖  Practise has a broad range of built environment experience such as residential developments, large complex mixed-use building types including commercial, institutional, cultural, community, sports & recreational and industrial.

❖  Practise services include: stakeholder briefing, feasibility studies, strategy planning, urban design, master planning, architecture, interior design and project management.

❖  Contribution to the field of architecture: research & development to portable architecture, in order to reduce our impact on global warming.


Key practice principles of DesignLife Consulting Pty Ltd:
- A commitment to carry out a creative and thorough briefing process to understand and develop client’s requirements for a project through consultations or workshops,

- In depth investigation of the context of the site and local precinct, its physical, cultural, historical and social attributes,

- Propose a design solution responding to the context of the site in a dynamic and relevant manner,

- Creating a physically beautiful built that is enriching the lives of its occupants,

- Incorporate passive environmentally sustainable design principles,

- Apply a deep understanding of the practical application and technical expertise with emphasis on pragmatic space planning, lighting, materials, finishes, climatic and budgets.

- Managing front-end project life cycle and feasibility model for business investment decisions.

- Conservation of ecosystem and biodiversity.

- Development of sustainable society. 


UPDATE 2021: DesignLife Consulting is also undertaking Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) projects under the NDIS. 

DesignLife Consulting
The Environmental Printing Co
The Environmental Printing Co.
Recycled Paper and Vegetable based Inks used by Environmental Printing Co

From the very beginning, owner Craig Campbell set about finding ways to print with minimal impact on the environment. He began experimenting with vegetable-based inks, and discovered that the quality of print was in no way compromised.

Craig continued to implement environmentally friendly practices, and word of their ‘radical’ approach to printing quickly spread.  

More and more environmentally conscious individuals and businesses began using their services; green groups employed them to produce all of their printed materials, and in no time at all, Campbell’s Printing was transformed into The Environmental Printing Company!

Today, The Environmental Printing Company is an industry leader in green printing.  They are constantly seeking new ways to reduce their environmental footprint, and many of their innovative methods have been adopted by environmental groups and major organisations as the new ‘environmental standards’.

The Environmental Printing Company is incredibly proud of what they have achieved over the past three decades.  They have experienced first-hand the changing attitudes of society.  No longer are we the ‘radical’ little printing company from WA; today they are leading the way in the charge to protect our planet.

We invite you to browse their website to learn more about their sustainable printing techniques and the wide range of services that they provide.

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About Locally Crafted Goods & Services Australia

The basis for the concept of sustainability in service providing is that each component is weighted towards it efficiency. We, here at Locally Crafted Goods & Services Australia, follow this philosophy. The selection of sustainable service providers presents a conscious mindset in how we should look at each individual part when delivering service. 

Locally Crafted Australia is the first and leading supportive platform that has un-learned traditional methods. We embrace a sustainable service providing practise. 

Locally Crafted is your starting point for conscious and sustainable living.

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