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Going Carbon Neutral

Carbon Offsetting Projects

Supporting Australian Based

Carbon Neutralising, Reducing and Eliminating Projects.

Why Sustainable Purchasing?


Locally Crafted recognises that the way of future buying

is via sustainable purchasing.


Too long we have seen unsustainable practices leading to

high carbon emissions, resulting in global climate change, pollution,

deforestation and animal extinction. 


Human demand is exceeding environmental capabilities. 

It is time for change!

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Shop Sustainably

with Locally Crafted

How does it work?

Locally Crafted developed a unique opportunity for

everyone to take part in sustainable purchasing. 

We calculated the average of emitted carbon coming

from a product’s Carbon Footprint,

Transport, Packaging and Manufacturing.    


A small carbon charge is added at checkout. 

We re-invest this charge in Energy, Manufacturing,

Household and Environmental projects across Australia.

The projects involve reducing carbon, supporting

indigenous people and culture. 

With purchasing from Locally Crafted, you are supporting

a sustainable economy and a sustainable future.

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The Projects
we currently Support.

Projects cover a diversity of Industries and Application Areas.

Currently we are supporting

Cultural Fires:

This project enables Indigenous-led projects to

utilise traditional land management practices to

heal, protect and manage the country. 

Focus is on cultural maintenance and revitalisation,

resulting in core benefits of cultural, environmental,

social and economic.

Offsetting CO2-e with Greenfleet:

Greenfleet is a Not-For-Profit organisation that supports environmental projects and focuses on

planting native biodiverse forests across Australia. 

Carbon reduction projects aim to reduce environmental damage sustained by us, and to create a sustainable environmental future.


Greenfleet forest benefits:

Capture carbon emissions, create and

strengthen eco-systems, build habitats for wildlife,

improve water and soil quality and restore biodiversity.

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