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Sustainable Distiller of Hemp Based Spirits

Locally Crafted is excited to partnership with one of our newest members, Natural Distilling Co. Natural Distilling Co is a company founded upon strong values, tradition, innovation and community as its core focus. These core attributes are reflected in the way the company operates, reflecting sustainable practices and local inclusion, while offering high end unique alcoholic and associated products. The business is based in the heart of Victoria’s dairy country, Gippsland, South East Victoria.

Rhys Staley is the brainchild of Natural Distilling Co, where the passion for whiskey led to distilling in 2015. Through innovation, education and the love of the environment, coupled with involvement from family and friends brought the idea to use sustainable produce (Hemp) and local water to distill Vodka and Gin. Perseverance and hard work led to Natural Distilling Co to begin trading in 2019. This Persistence and passion earned Natural Distilling Co high praise. At the 2020 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards, Natural Distilling CO won Silver for its Myrcene Hemp Vodka and bronze for its Limonene Hemp Gin. To put the quality of the products into perspective, there were 255 unique spirit entrants from 75 Australian producers.

Farming is gaining greater attention due to regulations and community awareness. While land owners have a variety of choices to farm for profit, they also have a responsibility in the way the land is farmed. With the government allowing cannabis to be grown for certain commercial use, Rhys saw the opportunity to be able to grow a more sustainable crop to use for the end product. It is resulted in the perfect match, while upholding Natural Distilling Co values of sustainability.

It is also refreshing to see a company producing local, using local produce and employing local. It epitomises a local supply chain in an area that Australia has been struggling with in recent times. An area that the government has recognised needs addressing, not only through local supply chains but also involving sustainable practice, commercial and social responsibility.

Natural Distilling Co has created something special, using creativity, innovation, education and hard work. Resulting in a company that is at the forefront of modern and future business practice, where others can look to see how it is done, and of course sample the product!

Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice

2 May 2021


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