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The Most Concentrated Australian Made Botanical Skin Care on Earth!

Miód Skincare’s philosophy is centred around the idea that each skin is entirely unique and requires a carefully curated botanical solution for its nourishment. A beautiful and healthy skin comes from using the correct products for your skin type.

Miód Skincare provides specific botanical-tailored skin concern solutions

Endorsed and recommended by Naturopaths their scientifically formulated products use a unique range of undiluted botanicals, cold pressed oils and carefully selected actives to provide nature’s very best in each bottle.

Sonya Turner is the founder of Miód Skincare, and her connection to nature, wildlife, and beauty began from a young age. Sonya became a certified natural skincare formulator. She discovered that nature alone has the answers to our problems and that beautiful skin can easily be attained by using the correct botanical formulations. This vision, has helped women all over the globe experience life-changing results, using her laboratory to alchemise plant extracts into safe, potent, and chemical-free award-winning formulations.

Miód’s products are natural and fully biodegradable. They are made with 100% natural and carefully selected ingredients.

Miód Skincare has a few criteria when it comes down to selecting ingredients.

The raw materials must come from nature and have not been tested on animals. No chemicals, such as paragons and sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate, and/or GMO Certified Organics are used in the production process and are locally sourced where possible (80% of all ingredients are locally sourced).

Essential oils are at the core of the product ranges, and are therefore extracted from plant material though distillation. Also here, no chemicals are used and the end-product is a pure essence version of the plant, retaining its aroma and therapeutic properties.

Plant oils are certified organic as well and cold pressed, resulting in a highly nutritious oil full of vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. These characteristics are beneficial to our skin and body health; they will soften and smoothen skin and/or assist repairing damaged skin.

Miód Skincare also uses the innovative technique of cellular extraction through duplicating plant matrix in a plant based glycerin. As this is done via cold pressing, the plant’s properties are not destroyed. This bioactive plant extract is basically a clone of the plant itself, and can therefore give a more active and effective contribution to the product.

Vegans can definitely benefit from the Miód Skincare ranges, although keep in mind that Certified Organic Beeswax has been used in the production of the Extra Hydrating Balm, Light Face Cream, Revitalising Face Cream and Lip Balm.

For those, who wonder, there is no plastic used in their packaging either, which makes the business truly sustainable.

Welcome Miód Skincare, we are proud to support and promote your sustainable business and products.

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Locally Crafted Australia - Your Sustainable Choice

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