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Trending…..Sustainable Skin Care

The world of skin care products is a hotly contested industry. Vast numbers of companies are vying for share of the $1-2 billion Australian market, with a growth forecast of approximately 3-4% over the next 5 years. The industry as a whole seemed to cruise through the covid period, with only a slight decline in growth. It reveals just how popular the products on offer are. But what are the consumers purchasing and is it sustainable?

To understand products consumers purchase, comes down to market trends and why these trends have developed. Digital campaigns can reach a large audience and influence a buyer on what to purchase. Businesses with a lesser budget cannot quite reach these marketing levels. Locally Crafted has recognised this gap, incorporating its platform and marketing techniques with the philosophy of being quality focused and power in numbers. Join together, work as a team to grow and move forward in a positive and sustainable direction.

There has also been a recent and quite noticeable shift in consumer lifestyle preferences. Studies revealed consumers are looking for a simpler minimalistic life. Purchasing products only when required and what they need. A life that positively impacts the environment through everyday actions. A life that values experiences that is more real world. Some think it is born or the level has heightened from the covid experience, hard to determine although a likely factor.

So, we are looking at the combination of consumer trends and digital marketing as drivers of skin care purchasing. Part self-choosing and part influenced of products to purchase. Interestingly there has been a shift in types of products offered. Worldwide, Australia has become one of the leading and emerging countries in the sustainable skincare market. A move away from traditional skincare products containing chemicals and ingredients that are not natural. Shifting towards products that are more sustainable, organic and recyclable. Why is this so? Research revealed increased access to digital technology and information has made consumers more informed about products they purchase. High levels of news surrounding the damaging and unsustainable impact humans are having on the global environment and news regarding ingredients of effective natural skincare products.

Sonia Orts is an established business in an emerging market, leading the pack by offering ‘eco-green’ organic skincare and perfume products, to consumers looking for a more sustainable approach to purchasing. Sonia is certified in Advanced Cosmetic Science, and bases Spanish Alchemy (perfumery) at the core of all products. The results are offerings of the high quality and unique organic and natural Perfume Collection, Face Care Collection, and Wellbeing Collection. Part of Sonia Orts philosophy is focusing on ‘green beauty products’ and using all natural organic ingredients. Chemical free, no animal testing, minimal packaging, with sustainability and care for the environment always at the forefront.

Locally Crafted and Sonia Orts relationship is an exciting one. Combining to increase marketing visibility to the growing number of conscious consumers, where traditional beauty products still flood the market. Locally Crafted hopes to not only gain the conscious buyer, but also reach out and influence traditional buyers towards an emerging trend that is sustainable and beneficial to the local economy.

Please visit Locally Crafted and experience a new world of carbon neutral & sustainable shopping.

Locally Crafted – Your Sustainable Choice

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