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Sustainable Salons - Making Salon Waste History

Locally Crafted has recently added a new member to the ranks. The business is Sustainable Salons, a social enterprise that is unique, clever and driven with purpose. Sustainable Salons initially created a recycling program in the hairdressing industry and has now branched into other areas; beauty salons, pet grooming salons, barber shops and dermal clinics. Local businesses can support Sustainable Salons by becoming a member, while the public can use the services of Sustainable Salon members to contribute and strengthen their sustainable future. To join and support this unique social enterprise you can visit Locally Crafted website at click on the following link alternatively you can visit the following link

Sustainable Salons was born from a chance meeting in Amsterdam in 2010 between founders Paul Frasca (hairdresser) and Ewelina Soroko (Sustainable Fashion). Discussions and research surrounding hairdressing and sustainability led to noticing a gap of wastage within the hairdressing industry. 5 years further in time and Sustainable Salon were signing their first client into the recycling program. Now with over 1000 members across Australia and New Zealand they must be doing something right.

What does Sustainable Salons involve?

Prior to Sustainable Salons arrival, majority of wastage from the hairdressing industry was ending up in landfill. Members now have the means to dispose of waste in purpose bins that are collected fortnightly. The waste, or for a better term resource recovery, is then used for different purposes. Hair is contributed to the use in oil spills or used in wigs. Chemical wastage is treated and turned into clean water and used for building and manufacturing. Aluminium is diverted from landfill and into recycled resources. Paper is recycled into new paper products, saving approximately 32,000 litres of water per tonne. Plastics are sent to specialised recyclers and used in manufacturing furniture, packaging, sheeting and Sustainable Salons very own sunglasses, in conjunction with Dresden Vision, 100% of all profits are donated to Oz Harvest and Kiwi Harvest food charities. 2 meals are provided for every $1 raised, equalling approximately 2000 meals per month. Sustainable Salons goes beyond charities, recycling etc, they also provide work for people with a disability.

Sustainable Salons Impact

When one talks about business sustainability, ethics, economics, environment impact, supply chain or similar, Sustainable Salons business is a great example of breaking away from traditional business practices. Sustainable Salons core focus surrounds PEOPLE, PLANET & PROFIT, where every aspect of business undertakings reflects these elements. It has allowed not only a business to flourish but also a sustainable and economical supply chain to emerge. A supply chain, constructed from a thought and a required need. A need that the world requires a more sustainable and clean way of living with minimal impact. The supply chain consists of the conscious customer spending on a service that has added value. Profits and recycled goods are continually used in other industries and charities. The flow of the supply chain has strength and has no sign of slowing. Sustainable Salons future is bright, looking to continually grow recycling, production, charity initiatives and awareness. To view figures of the impact surrounding people, planet and profit please click on the following link

At Locally Crafted we encourage our users to think about one’s carbon footprint and are there actions that can be taken to support and be part of to increase and strengthen sustainable practice. For a minimal fee you can select a member that is a Sustainable Salons supporter and for less than the cost of cup of coffee, you can see what can be achieved. Please follow the following link to view Sustainable Salons locations in your area that are members of Sustainable Salons

Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice

7 March 2021


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