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Sustainable Pets

Pets and sustainability. Where are we at? Where sustainability is a hot topic, pets and sustainability may not be at the forefront of related discussions. We talk and hear about mainstream topics of sustainability, where lesser-known subjects may be pushed aside or not as recognised. We all know someone with a pet or have one ourselves. Sustainability plays a part in everything we do in life, whether it has a positive or negative impact. It all counts to shifting forward in a more sustainable way and with an increasing sustainable mindset to alter the current situation.

Australia contributes to approximately 1 percent of the worlds overall C02 emissions. Per capita, Australia is one of the highest producers of carbon. Put it simply, per person we use a lot of energy to live. This is not just by using appliances or driving cars, it also comes from owning a pet. Yes, our furry friends also have a carbon footprint! A United States research paper revealed feeding pets produces approximately 64 million tonnes of C02 per year. Hypothetically, if cats and dogs in the USA were their own country, they would rank 5th in the world for meat consumption. When numbers like that are thrown around it may make one think a bit more about the responsibility and effects of pet ownership. Just to think we are only mentioning food here. What about products used to maintain our pets. Dog Shampoo’s, deodorants, brushes, toys, poop bags, packaging used for products, the list goes on……

Australia’s sustainable pet industry is growing. Recognition and knowledge from suppliers through to buyers has created a niche industry, distancing itself from traditional imported pet products focused on price and manufacturing efficiency. A prime example of such a business is the Australian company Essential Dog. Sustainably focused, Essential Dogs’ carbon footprint of its products and sustainable usability rate vastly superior to product alternatives. Some examples are a reduced carbon footprint of transport miles against imported goods, superior packaging, natural manufacturing against chemicals used in production and local food products that are meat free.

Essential Dog offers sustainable pet products focusing on skin care, grooming and treatment. Some examples are the sensitive dog shampoo and conditioner, containing chamomile, sweet orange & rosewood. Dermal scratch spray for dogs, containing aloe vera, calendula & vitamin E. Vegan dog treats, containing carob and peanuts. Locally Crafted teamed up with Essential Dog for a reason. Hitting important sustainable criteria not easily matched by other competitors in the market.

Emissions are on the rise as population increases. It suggests the number of pets is also on the rise, whereby increasing pets carbon footprint. It adds to the strain as Australia works towards ‘net zero’. Not an easy task to achieve in a relatively short amount of time. Locally Crafted and Essential Dog are on the same page when it comes to carbon footprint. Essential Dog offers products that are sustainable, every purchase via Locally Crafted offsets the carbon footprint. Locally Crafted is the first in Australia of its kind, offering a unique carbon neutral offset charge. All charges are used to support Australian carbon offset projects.

As consumers we play a role at a conscious level. Do we need to wait to act? Sustainable products are available for your beloved pets. Purchasing sustainable pet products supports the growth and enables a new phase in a growing industry. Purchasing from Locally crafted you will know you are buying sustainable products that are Carbon neutral, free shipping and contributing to supporting the sustainable economy and carbon projects. You deserve it, your pet deserves it, your planet deserves it.

Locally Crafted Australia - Your Sustainable Choice

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