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Natural Skin, Hair and Home Care Products, in Plastic-free Packaging

Locally Crafted is proud to partner with and welcomes one of our newest members, Big Blue Cosmetica. Big Blue Cosmetica is a conscientious business, incorporating environment sustainability, social responsibility and awareness throughout. The business is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Tina is the founder of Big Blue Cosmetica, where her interest and education of Chemistry and research into cosmetics and ingredients led to the start of her business. Big Blue Cosmetica trades in high quality soaps, body, hair and home products. The range is well thought out, locally sourced, all natural and safe for consumers and environment.

In an industry with a chequered past, Big Blue Cosmetica has taken a stance. Tina realised the need and wants for beauty products to be harm free. Products applied to your skin are absorbed into the body. Toxic chemicals and known irritants are still being added to beauty products, which begs the question, do we really know what we are putting in and onto our bodies? Tina’s research into beauty product ingredients came with one resounding conclusion, produce products that are harm free. Not only to oneself but also to the environment.

Tina realised more is required than producing harm free products. Big Blue Cosmetica incorporates consumer awareness of product education and sustainable business practices. It is important to not only produce ethical products, also educate consumers of product alternatives and their benefits. Sustainability is at Big Blue’s forefront, where products are locally sourced and packaging goes beyond the term “environmentally friendly”. Big Blue offers a generous discount to encourage users to return empty containers to be refilled. A clever idea, where this type of liberal thinking is generally outside the realms of traditional business practice.

Big Blue Cosmetica is a smart business, incorporating a care of social responsibility that should be required by all companies. It reveals an industry needing to review regulation and awareness relating to product ingredients and associated health effects. Further review is also required in the area of sustainability regarding the carbon footprint of manufacturers producing products. Awareness and education is also important, without knowledge and realisation how one makes an informed decision. It is your body and planet, don’t you want the best for it??

Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice

29 March 2021

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