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Custom Creations from Recycled Timber Pallets

Locally Crafted is proud to partner and welcomes one of our newest members, Deja New Palletable Creations. Deja New is at the forefront of current thinking, incorporating crafting into a high level sustainable business model. The business is based in New South Wales on the Central Coast.

Alan Hogden founded Deja New Palletable Creations in 2018. Alan’s idea stemmed from the USA where sustainable manufacturing from recycled pallets occurred. He researched further into Australian pallet wastage, it revealed over 140,000 tonnes of pallets ended up on Australian landfill sites (EPA, 2012). With an interest in environmental responsibility and a need to be involved, Alan made a decision and Deja New Palletable Creations was born.

Deja New manufactures made-to-order custom-made indoor and outdoor furniture, decorative, practical and utility items for inside or outside your home, your workplace, your shed, or wherever you find a need. The newly formed creations are manufactured from heat treated pine pallets only, the reason being pine is long lasting, hard wearing and chemical free. Coupled with Alan’s experience in crafting timber the finished product is of high quality, offering a longevity and a unique eco-product, rarely seen in today’s market.

Alan’s passion in environmental responsibility shines through his products and business. Not only using environmentally friendly pallets, Alan incorporates sustainable energy, Greenpower, to manufacture, using products with no volatile organic compounds (seen in regular finishing) and recycling any wastage such as wood pulp and pallet nails. Where possible a flat pack option is offered to distant customers whereby reducing the products carbon footprint. Deja New also supports National Parks and Wildlife with a percentage of sales contributing to the foundation.

Deja New is at the forefront and in-line with government thinking towards business responsibility to incorporate sustainability into business models and strategy.

Locally Crafted welcomes aboard Deja New Palletable Creations and looks forward to a relationship that can influence and help shape a future where sustainable business is mandatory.

Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice

7 Dec 2020


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