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Improving Health Through Skin Care

Taking care of one’s health has become a bit more of a talking point in recent years. The Covid pandemic has been a contributing factor and has highlighted the importance of looking after yourself and others. Other well-known factors are sun related health issues, diet related issues, smoking and alcohol. Outcomes such as skin and other various cancers, heart disease and osteoporosis can arise from not looking after yourself. What we put into our bodies and what we expose ourselves to can have a detrimental effect. With a lot of focus on climate control, the environment and living busy lives, we may tend to forget about ourselves. Using natural skincare products is a great way to care for yourself, to look, feel and be healthy.

Locally Crafted has recognised health as a key factor in contributing to a more sustainable future. A healthy mind and body contribute to performing and thinking better, making more informed choices in life and being healthy while doing it, all adding to increasing social sustainability. Locally Crafted aims to offer buyers high quality and natural products and be at the forefront when consumers think about purchasing sustainable and healthy products. We have all purchased and consumed goods without really knowing what the ingredients are and the effects the ingredients have on us. Next time we make a purchase we can ask ourselves a few simple questions. Is the product damaging my health? Is the product damaging the environment? Is the product sustainable? Is the product ethical?

The Skin Care industry is booming and is currently one of the largest markets in Australia. Manufacturers still add harmful toxins to skin care products such as parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients. Parabens is a good example, used to keep skincare products germ-free and fresh. They do not tell you that parabens may cause breast cancer, affect reproductive health and brain function. The reason behind adding such ingredients is usually to lower costs, increase shelf life and ease of manufacturing, compared to using natural ingredients.

Buyers are becoming more informed through increased usage and accessibility to information, such as social media and web usage. It has seen a consumer shift from purchasing regular skincare products to products containing natural ingredients. Locally Crafted recognises issues within the skincare industry and has recently teamed up with natural skincare product specialist Shannon Kerr, owner & founder of Mint.s Body. Shannon has 15 years’ experience in the pharmacy industry and knows what is good for the buyer. Focusing on helping people achieve healthy beautiful skin, naturally, by creating affordable high-quality products, made from 100% organic and vegan ingredients. Mint.s Body offers a range of body scrubs, lip balm, clay masks, oils, dry shampoo and ‘Body Custard’, keeping skincare simple and easy. Mint.s Body products can exfoliate, revive and hydrate your skin naturally, with no nasty additive ingredients that can be potentially harmful.

Support Locally Crafted, Mint.s Body and yourself, by following this link to purchase a range of life-changing skincare products at an affordable price. No more toxic intake will leave you feeling healthier in mind and body.

Locally Crafted Australia – Your Sustainable Choice

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