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Facilitating Circular Shopping

It is promising seeing local businesses having a new lease on life. Locally Crafted has developed an online platform that supports and promotes local and sustainable products. Australian businesses can join and thrive by being part of a unique group, living sustainable and circular practices. They have the ability to sell products on a platform that continuously grows in numbers of joining members and attracts an increasing traffic volume.

Buyers can engage and purchase high quality sustainable and locally made products and support local businesses. Our sourcing methods ( result in a Stamp of Approval, giving visitors the power of purchasing with confidence. Our members walk the talk and act upon what they preach. While visitors don’t need to take the time to investigate.

Locally Crafted not only offers buyers unique products, but it also offers consumers to be part of a unique shopping experience working towards a sustainable future. A unique experience where consumers can shop in one place with confidence, obtain discounts, earn points for in-store credit, be informed from joining the mailing, reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to Australian based carbon reducing projects.

Locally Crafted has thought long and hard on the platform. Every aspect of the platform and customer engagement breathes a sustainable approach. Finding a balance that is sustainable for seller, buyer and the environment, while deploying an overall sustainable supply chain that benefits all. Circular Economy plays a large part behind the framework. According to the Victorian Government ‘Circular Economy continually seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption, while enabling economic growth through more productive use of natural resources.’ Locally Crafted looks for such businesses, minimising environmental impact and enabling economic growth through consumers purchasing products that can then be recycled or reused. This circular motion differs from the traditional purchasing mindset of buy – use – dispose and fosters productivity and innovation, thereby creating new business, jobs and increased social inclusion.

All business members of Locally Crafted have circular economy values. Being mindful of products manufactured and having minimal impact on the environment through conscious use of materials and packaging. A good example of one of Locally Crafted members is Bear & Kind. Based in the small country town of Barkly, Victoria, approximately 3 hours northwest of Melbourne. By joining Locally Crafted, Bear & Kind has the increased value of marketing and visibility to connect to the rest of Australia, enabling Locally Crafted to sell their fantastic range of products.

Bear & Kind launched in 2020 and produces a range of pet care products. The range is diverse and covers balms, shampoo bars, coat masks and skin soaks, enabling sun protection, soothing, calming, healing and protection against bites. Their products are safe to be used for both puppies and dogs with a more sensitive skin coat. Sustainability and Circular Economy is what Australia’s government is moving towards and Bear & Kind has put this aim already into practice. They tick the boxes when it comes down to products manufactured and reduced environmental impact, with sustainable use of natural resources while contributing to economic growth. The entire range of products are handmade and plant-based. Primary ingredients are certified organic and fair trade, or organic and 100% free from chemicals. Examples are bananas, oats and carrots for goodness, and natural oils for scents, all beneficial for your pets skin and coat. Further to this, local produce is used where available, lowering the carbon footprint of transport. All packaging is plastic free and 100% biodegradable.

Visit Locally Crafted at to view the full range of products on offer.

Become part of what will be the ‘new normal’ and start purchasing sustainable products today. Support Locally Crafted, so we can continue offering carbon neutral products that benefit us all. Products that can be produced, used, recycled, reuse and continue growing the circular economy.

Locally Crafted Australia - Your Sustainable Choice

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