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3 Bees By Nature

Locally Crafted is excited to support our member The 3 Bees. It is exciting for Locally Crafted to partner with a business in the food sector. A business that is knowledgeable and passionate about producing high quality raw honey products. The 3 Bees have been operating in and around Melbourne for over a decade. You will often see The 3 Bees frequenting Melbourne markets and find their products on the shelves of selected stockists or you can shop online via The 3 Bees website

Aris is the brainchild of starting The 3 Bees. Aris’ passion for sustainability and one’s impact on the environment led to a home renovation to improve the family carbon footprint. Aris even went as far to replace plants that either produced food or provided a cut flower. Something stood out to Aris while undertaking the project, the lack of bees in the garden. It was a concerning feature that worried Aris. Further in time Aris visited a local inner-city farm where bee hives were kept at the entrance. Expressing interest and talking to the farms hive enthusiast led to a hive being delivered to Aris’s his home 3 days later. Just like that, Aris became a bee keeper!

Over a decade later, The 3 Bees have grown into a producer of high quality raw honey and other natural products. The flavour’s of the honey originate from the hives surrounding area, hence why there are different products. Raw honey provides important nutrients and can be used medicinally. It is a product that comes straight from the hive and is usually strained and consumed. No further process is required as with regular honey, usually found on supermarket shelves. With The 3 Bees products you know what you are putting into your body. A local natural product straight from the hive, with no additives. The 3 Bees guiding philosophy adds to the confidence of the business and product, entailing health, simplicity, quality and value.

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it

  • If you can’t eat it you shouldn’t be putting in on your body

  • Add value to Australian Raw Materials

  • Never compromise on quality

  • Raw materials in any product we make must be the best available

Locally Crafted highly recommends entering the world of raw honey and realise the difference if you have not done so already. Embrace the change for yourselves, family and friends and guaranteed there is no turning back. Not only you are rewarded with an experience, you are supporting a hard working pure and sustainable industry. Visit The 3 Bees page at and begin supporting the local market helping the planet towards a more sustainable future.

Locally Crafted - Your Sustainable Choice

18 Februari 2021


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