Meet The Makers

Our members are passionate by sustainability and circular economy. We have hand-picked each member, based on a series of criteria, showcasing a true passion for sustainability and circular economy. Every day, these businesses create better products, preserve natural resources, challenge their production to become more sustainable, all for us. The least we can do, is put them in the spotlight. 

Get to know our members and become consciously involved with their practises. 

Nature Inc.

Nature Inc.'s soaps are made only with locally sourced products and handcrafted through a traditional cold-press Japanese process. 

Their entire production embraces a very sustainable approach, ie. they source locally, recycled coffee grounds to make their Grounded Coffee Soap.

Nature's Intentions

Nature's Intentions crafts:

  • Essential Oils & Diffusers

  • Organic Skincare

  • Mineral Salts

The 3 Bees

Over 12 years ago, Aris' bee keeping interest began. He had just purchased a home and was retro fitting it with solar hot water, solar electricity and double glazed windows to try to minimise his family’s impact on the environment.

Sticky Earth Ceramics

Originally hailing from Krakow, Poland, Rafal now works from a studio in Melbourne’s west. His pottery features earthy tones of natural clay and a minimalist aesthetic. 

Glazes are applied with a light touch to allow the natural textures of clay to come through. By bringing out the warmth and rawness of natural stoneware clay, Rafal gives each and every piece its own authentic character. 

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Natural Distilling Co.

Natural Distilling Co focuses on Tradition, Innovation and Community. None of us will go much further unless we focus on sustainability, both in our local environment and on the global scale, which is why they're committed to distilling the best spirits using te most natural methods.

Nice Coffee Co.

Nice Coffee Co. is a social enterprise coffee company that uses profits to help fund its school projects in Kibera, Africa's largest slum. By selling specialty beans, biodegradable pods and machines to offices and people right across Australia,...

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Kossalii is an Australian 100% handmade craft company which focuses on original, ecofriendly, plastic free apparel accessories using high quality materials. With traditional techniques they produce unique and durable leather and textile accessories.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Kossalii was born out of the desire to create quality, 100% handcrafted and original designs.

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Painted Earth

Painted Earth is a human and planet conscious paint shop based in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. Since 2002, they sell Australia's largest range of sustainable non-toxic and eco-frienldy paints, wood finishes, and natural renders for homes and commercial buildings.

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Deja New Palletable Creations
Deja New Recycled Timber Outdoor Setting.png

By recycling and reusing the timber from pallets it's a great way to do our small part in helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste ending up as landfill and preventing subsequent greenhouse gas emissions.

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At Eco-wick we are designing and building sturdy long-lasting products, such as self-watering planters and wicking beds. Our handmade sustainable garden products are using mostly upcycled materials based on permaculture principles and aiming at establishing a circular cooperative economy.

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Good-Edi is an Australian business based in Melbourne aiming to combat one of the world’s major war-on-waste challenges; disposable cups. 

With an estimated 2.7 million coffee cups thrown out each day in Australia, around 90% end up in landfill.

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Dry-Oil Co.

while setting up herself to manufacture a multitasking ecological and body-friendly dry oil, Zoe started to experiment in her bedroom. After many years, she found the sweet spot and her envisioned Glow Oil was born; a dry oil that not only feeds, protects and nourishes the body, but also invokes an immediate feeling of vibrancy.

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