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Handcrafted Soap
Handcrafted Soap

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Wood Pencil and Notebook
Wood Pencil and Notebook

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Your starting point for sustainable buying.

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Self Watering Planterbox with Up-Cycled materials by Eco-Wick


Up-Cycled Planter Boxes

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Ponytail donated to Sustainable Salons for creating new products

Sustainable Salons

Circular Salons Waste

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Edible Take-Away Coffee Cups by Good-Edi


Edible Take-Away Cups

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Hemp based Gin by Natural Distilling Co

Natural Distilling Co.

Hemp based Gin and Vodka

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The Environmental Printing Co uses recycled paper and plant based inks

Environmental Printing Co.

Eco-Friendly Printing Service

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About Locally Crafted Goods & Services Australia

The basis for the concept of sustainability is buying items that are produced efficiently. In the world of consumerism, it's imperative that we start using minimal amounts of raw materials, water and energy. We, here at Locally Crafted Goods & Services Australia, follow this philosophy. The selection of recycled and ethically sourced products available from our members is extremely varied and of the highest quality.

Locally Crafted Australia is the first and leading supportive platform that has un-learned traditional methods. We embrace a sustainable supply-chain practise. 

In order to accomplish a more sustainable and circular economy, we collaborate in win-win relationships. While creating a sustainable living, we give those who are making eco-friendly changes a voice.

Locally Crafted is your starting point for conscious and sustainable buying and living.

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